When it comes to Instagram, it is difficult to reinvent the wheel. It seems like all the trends and challenges have managed to become true classics. At some point, it seems like almost all the creators now prefer TikTok, and Instagram has turned into an online shop. However, we think that it’s not true, and Instagram is still one of the greatest options for those who want to promote their creativity.

And we are ready to help you, even if you currently don’t feel very creative. But before we start, we want to recommend a nice service by Toolzu. Video downloader ig is a great tool, which will help you to get inspiration from other Instagram creators and not get lost among all the content from the saved section. Insta video downloader is free of charge.

What is more, the service is private, you don’t have to waste your time signing in, and no one will find out about your actions. Even the account you’re downloading videos from. A video downloader is nice, when you are planning a brainstorming and want to get inspired, or you just need materials for your presentation, for example. 

Now, let’s move on to the wonderful ideas you can use to promote your Instagram account by uploading creative and catchy quality content.

1. Design matters

Don’t hesitate to put some effort into your design. The internet is full of different apps and services, which will help you to create and invent a mesmerizing design. For example, graphic designers all over the world now use Figma. Even if this tool seems pretty complicated to use and requires some time for learning, it is very user-friendly and convenient. Figma will help you to create different kinds of designs, banners, and logos. The tool allows editing patterns without any quality loss.


Adobe Photoshop is extremely popular; you might have already heard about this one. You can use the service for photo editing and photo correction. Of course, the interface seems a bit difficult as well. However, if you learn to use all the tools provided, you will get a great number of possibilities. If you’re an artist and enjoy drawing and painting in real life, you can use Photoshop to start doing it in digital format as well. Surprise your followers with your incomparable talent!

The service allows you to create logos and banners as well. Extreme photoshop is getting more and more popular. You can even use your sense of humor. You can take a look at the examples on Instagram accounts of famous brands. 

If you don’t want to dive into the world of graphic design, we recommend you use basic apps for editing. We recommend Snapseed, Lightroom, and VSCO. 

2. Extravagant posting

You can make your publications in a usual manner, or you can try to surprise your followers. There are many ways to turn your posting manner into a game. For example, you can cut your picture into nine pieces, and post those nine photos separately. As a result, you will get some kind of puzzle. To see a full picture, people would have to visit your profile. And it is much more beneficial for you because it makes it easier to get them interested. 

You can also have some fun with Instagram Reels. For example, you can use them to create some sort of intrigue, or for some unusual design. 

3. Different sides and angles

Don’t focus on creating a certain image. Try to show your followers different sides of yourself. It’s not a secret that all of us are unique and interesting human beings with our own interests, preferences, and concerns. People often blame Instagram for being too different from real life. That’s why there is a tendency to share more so-called real content. Don’t overdo it with Photoshop and Phototune. Your followers should perceive you as if you were close to them but pretty distant at the same time. Strike a balance. 

Try to stay esthetical and look for new kinds of inspiration. Inspiration is basically everywhere. Urban photos are as popular as travel pictures. Selfies almost always get a lot of recognition. So, try different options to see what resonates with your audience and brings you more attention. 

Now you know how to stand out from millions of Instagram accounts and make your profile memorable. Of course, there are many more ways to be unique. The first rule is to be yourself and follow your own style and vision.

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