When you think of
Hawaii you think of fun, sun maybe you in a floral shirt with a cocktail with
an umbrella it yes? Chances are most people only visit the tropical paradise on
holiday, or to experience the unique atmosphere of the islands. We often have
that mental picture of people going to Hawaii on their honeymoon (first or
second) or maybe to celebrate an anniversary since it’s known to be a romantic
and popular location particularly for couples, newlyweds and those commemorating
decades of nuptials. There’s no denying that Hawaii is a great place to relax
and get away from the daily hustle and it’s easy to picture yourself on a beach
facing the ocean with your shades on and a pretty girl nearby isn’t it? Imagine
it, you with your lei flowers around your neck while you sit back on a recliner
on the beachfront sipping something tasty and enjoying the splendid views of
exotic and beautiful girls doing a hula dance on the beach at sunset.

 “The hula dance is a dramatization of words from the oli or mele in a visual form.”

Aside from the cliche reasons to visit, Hawaii has so much more on offer. It’s home to a fantastic variety of wild and marine life and it’s beaches with their breathtaking views attract millions of visitors to their shores each year. Hawaii is not just a truly beautiful and majestic place but it’s also culturally rich and an eco-tourism hotspot so we decided to discover more of what this wonderful cluster of islands has to offer.

Hawaii is tropical, we
get that, but it has some very unique aspects that when all things are
considered, make it a pretty awesome and one-of-a-kind place. For instance, did
you know that Hawaii has a royal palace, or that it’s home to some of the
world’s most active volcanoes? Yup, Hawaii’s Big Island, which is the common
term used for the state of Hawaii, is growing by more than 42 acres each year
because of the Kilauea Volcano which has been erupting for around 30 years.
How’s that for badass?

 There’s a lot to experience in Hawaii with its
golden-warm sandy beaches which are complemented by a glimmering ocean that
almost makes you feel at one with nature and the sea. Aside from all of
Hawaii’s natural beauty and splendor, the people of the islands convey a beauty
and completeness of their own being almost like the spirit of the Islands – the
heart of Hawaii. Islanders are inviting, friendly and eager to share their rich
culture and history with visitors from all around the world. So why not visit
“heaven on earth” and explore the natural splendor of the Islands of Aloha?
It’s definitely one for the bucket list! 


Discover why Aloha and its six islands are packed with so many exciting things to do and see. In a way, Hawaii has it all, from awesome naturally occurring sites like dramatic cliffs, vibrant shores, lengthy beaches, and dolphin-friendly waters, to landmarks like the Byodo-In Temple and Diamond Head. It’s not just the natural beauty to be found all around the island but there is also a lot to do when the sun goes down with events happening at local watering holes, plenty of social gatherings and tons of evening activities to keep you occupied. In Hawaii, there’s really no reason to stop having fun, ever – 24/7!


The marine wildlife is
apparently as inviting and friendly as the people of Hawaii. It seems
everything is better in Hawaii and it would be the experience of a lifetime to
get to swim with turtles, dolphins and even manta rays. So next time you’re
there here are some must-do water tours.

Turtle Canyon Snorkel
Cruise by Catamaran

Swim with the turtles
when you visit Turtle Canyon on a power catamaran from Waikiki. Here, you’ll
enjoy panoramic views of the gorgeous islands as you cruise along the shores of
Oahu. The mission is simple, to meet some turtles up close and personal. You’ll
get to snorkel in warm waters frequented by Hawaii’s Green Sea Turtles and
other tropical fish! But that’s not all. Keep an eye out for other marine
wildlife nearby as the area along the cruise trip is frequented by dolphins and
migrating whales. Back onboard the catamaran, you’ll get to enjoy amazing views
of Diamond Head accompanied by good people, cool music and refreshing drinks.
The best part about the tour is that snorkeling instructions and equipment is
included and if you don’t see a turtle, you’re given a complimentary return
ticket. Talk about putting your money where your turtle is.

Manta Ray Snorkel Trip

Swimming with dolphins
is pretty cool, sharks, badass but to say you’ve been up close with a manta
ray, now there’s something not many people can say. This is the perfect
opportunity to claim those bragging rights by swimming with, interacting and
even feeding manta rays under neon lights. Add to your underwater adventure
stories the chapter of the time you kicked it with a manta ray. This is an
experience that is sure to be memorable and something you’ll be telling your
friends about for the next few decades. On this trip, you’ll get to witness a
breathtaking sunset over the horizon before heading off for a night snorkel
where you’ll get to see majestic manta rays gliding through the warm waters
with highlights including submerging yourself in the manta rays natural
environment and being guided by a knowledgable expert with equipment and refreshments
afterward. And like with the turtle tour, if you don’t get to see a manta ray
your next underwater excursion is on them, at no extra charge. Gosh, Hawaii
tour operators sure know how to add a value proposition.


The geography and
landmarks of Hawaii are rich in history and meaning. Seeing the sites and
partaking in the activities is awesome but for the full experience, you must
indulge in some of the rich cultural history that the islands have to offer.

Pearl Harbor and USS
Arizona Memorial Tour

You can select from a
morning or afternoon departure and start the tour with a pick-up from your
hotel. Here’s a classic tour for the would-be historians that offers valuable
insight into the infamous Pearl Harbor attacks that we’ve heard about. Discover
what they meant, how it happened, and why the United States got involved in
WWII. You’ll be accompanied by a knowledgable guide who’ll provide expert
background information on Hawaii’s role in WWII all while answering any
questions you may have. Tickets can grant you access to the “Road to War” and
“Attack” museums where you can watch actual film footage of the events that
transpired on that day. Once you arrive at Pearl Harbor you get to visit the
WWII Valor in the Pacific National Monument and explore the exhibits there.
After, you’ll see the USS Arizona Memorial where you can see the ruins of the
sunken battleship beneath the memorial. How epic is that?

Waterfall and Volcano
Adventure Tour

Experience Hawaii’s
natural history by exploring some of the much older parts of the islands. On
this tour, visitors will be taken to ALL the tourist attractions in and around
the island of Hilo. You’re guaranteed to leave with one-of-a-kind memories of
historical sites like the Volcanoes National Park which is sure to amaze you
with its size and active volcanic eruptions. The park includes 323,431 acres of
land with more than half of the park being designated as the Hawaii Volcanoes
Wilderness area. Inside the park is a diverse ecosystem of plant and wildlife
along with natural environments that range from sea level to the summit of the
Earth’s most massive active volcano. The cool highlights about this tour
include hotel pick-ups and getting the full experience of the Volcanoes National
Park and its surroundings. It’s also a great place to take some awesome
Instagram pictures!


Once you’re out of the water and done with the history, why not see the wonderful splendor of the islands from way up high? Like in the sky! There are a variety of ways to do so, from selfies on one of the many summits you can hike during a day tour, to helicopter rides and even nifty ziplines there’s definitely something for everyone.

Zipline Park at Camp

There’ll be plenty of
time to hit the beach and check out the girls later, but for now, why not try
something that’s sure to get your adrenalin pumping. Head over to the Zipline
Park at Camp Maui and get ready to experience a truly unique two-hour zipline
adventure through the treetops at the historic World War ll base called
“Camp Maui” on Maui’s North Shore. Here’s, you’ll have expert guides
to lead you through a thrilling zipline course that features 7 lines, giant
towers, aerial platforms, and swinging suspension bridges. Build up the courage
to have a go at the highest ziplines which reach heights of 70 feet and extends
900 feet from end-to-end, reaching speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. There’s
no better way to see one-of-a-kind views of Maui’s beautiful and lush landscape
including views of Maui’s North Shore and the Pacific Ocean. You’ll get to
select a time slot that suits you with all ziplining instructions and safety
equipment like a helmet, safety harness and gloves all included. Aside from all
the heart-racing action on offer, you’ll also learn about Hawaii’s rich
history, wildlife and diversity and culture.

Maui and Molokai
Helicopter Tour

Get a bird’s eye view of the natural beauty of the majestic Maui and Molokai islands on this exclusive 45-minute helicopter tour. Flights are available during the morning or afternoon and include expert narration to enhance your knowledge of the region. Feel like a true VIP as you set off to enjoy a personalized flight through the deep valleys and craggy ridges of the magnificent West Maui Mountains. Along the ride, you’ll see natural splendors like waterfalls and valleys that are inaccessible by land and experience the full wonder of the sea cliffs of Molokai’s inaccessible North Shore. If you’re not planning on doing much, you still gotta do this!


Hawaii originates from
the Proto-Polynesian word “hawaiki” which means “Place of the Gods” or

Hawaii is home to the
largest active volcano on Earth. Dubbed Mauna Loa, it’s recognized as the
largest subaerial volcano in both mass and volume as is dwarfed only by Tamu
Massif – an extinct submarine shield volcano.

Awesome movies with
scenes shot in Hawaii included  Godzilla, You, Me and Dupree, Jurassic
Park & Jurassic World
50 First Dates and Tropic Thunder.

Hawaii is one of four
U.S. states that has banned the use of billboards for advertising. Speaking of
bans, snakes are also illegal with the only places permitted to display snakes
being zoos.

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