The water purifier market size was $29.12 billion in 2021 globally. It’s estimated that the market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.2% to reach $47.53 billion by 2028.

An RV water filter works to remove impurities from water. The RV water filter system uses a fine physical barrier and biological or chemical processes to reduce water contamination. Physical RV water filtration involves the process of sieving water to get rid of large impurities. The physical barrier could be a fine textile membrane or thin gauze.

The chemical filtration process works by letting water pass through an active material designed to remove water impurities chemically. You’ll need inline units in your RV filter that combine the processes of removing sediments and carbon filtration.

Determining the right RV water filters for your recreational vehicle can be confusing. This article discusses the types of RV water filters and how you can choose the best for you.

1. Inline RV Water Filter

An RV inline water filter is easy to install and replace. Since it’s easy to transport this RV water filter system, it makes the perfect choice for part-time users. The inline water filter is outside your RV at a junction where the hose connects to your water hookup and where the water goes into the camper.

RV inline water filters need regular replacement. Otherwise, your flow rate will significantly slow down when these filters reach the peak of their service life.

2. Canister RV Water Filter

This water filter can push water through different types of filters. Besides, you can customize your level of filtration on canister RV water filters. Specific models can let you have three unique canisters whose filters function differently. One canister can remove particles, and the other removes chlorine odor from your water.

Even though you may fail to notice any leaks if your RV water filter gets installed in a hard-to-see place, you’ll need to change your canister water filters often.

3. Berkey Style Water Filter

This is the best RV water filter that provides some of the cleanest water you’d ever imagine. The Berkey-style water filter gained popularity for its design to purify water in the dirtiest of situations.

These RV water filters are cost-effective and have a relatively long life than other RV water filters. They offer a simple way to get uber-clean water into your RV.

Even so, Berkey water filters occupy your counter space and only filter water for drinking.

4. Countertop RV Water Filter

RV Water Filter

This movable RV water filtration system filters water impurities directly at the source. Countertop RV water filters consume a considerable amount of space in your RV.

Besides, they only filter water at one point rather than filtering water before entering your camper.

5. Choosing the Right RV Water Filter

You’ll need to look at the micron measurement on your RV water filter before buying. Microns measure the particles that can dirty up your camper water supply.

The smaller the micron measurement, the more particles your RV water filter will keep out.

The flow rate is another consideration when choosing the right RV water filter. Water filters that take out more particles will reduce your water pressure since more resistance gets created as water runs in your RV.

Browse this page to learn more about choosing the right RV water filters for your recreational vehicle.

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