It is normal to feel the way you feel right now. After high school, you thought that the university was just one more step to reaching the world of work.

What changes compared to the university one?

It only takes you a couple of university months to understand that there is an abyss between high school and university. 

In this article, I want to explain the big 5 differences that distinguish high school from university. Understanding them right away will help you run for cover as soon as possible.

1. Exams vs Interrogations

It may seem trivial but simply going from “being prepared every day” for the question to preparing for a specific date is really difficult. 

Initially, we tend to consider taking an exam on a specific date as positive. We think that in this way it is much easier to organize the study and arrive prepared for the exam. 

In reality, the mindset you have to maintain is just the opposite.

The exam is just the tip of the iceberg of your study. What you need to do is prepare yourself day after day to be prepared for the exam.

This does not mean studying for 3 months before the exam but: taking notes well and, if necessary, starting to analyze their lesson after lesson. So as to start chewing on concepts for the exam. 

2. Chapters vs Topics 

“Tomorrow’s question on chapter 1,2,5 and the written test will be on the remaining chapters”. Beautiful, is not it?

In high school, we knew exactly what the professor was going to ask of us. If something was not present in the book we would rise up asking for explanations.

  • At university, the music changes. 
  • At university, you don’t study by chapters but by topics. 
  • This means that simply studying the book will not necessarily lead you to pass the exam. 
  • There are people who study the exam topic in other books, only on notes or through handouts or slides.

The concept I want to pass on to you is that no matter where you study, the important thing is to be exhaustive in studying the subject. Only in this case will you be successful in the exam. Of course, you can always let someone “write my college paper”.

3. Mandatory vs Optional

Another big difference between college and high school is that high school attendance was compulsory. In universities for some subjects, this constraint exists but for others, no. 

This is a great advantage for those who know how to exploit it. 

You do not have to focus on attending the lesson always and in any case but on managing time in the best possible way to get to your goal in less time: to be ready for the exam. 

4. Dependence vs Autonomy

First, there were the report cards, the grades, the ballots, the recoveries, and the parents involved in knowing how your path was progressing. The university, on the other hand, puts you at the center and frees you from all the “defenses” you had before.

Whoever manages to be awake, organized, concrete, and with the right study method wins. Others fall into anxiety, frustration, stress, and abandonment. 

It is not easy to manage the weight of one’s responsibilities. But if you can, it’s a beautiful thing!

5. Solo and Group Work

It may seem a contradiction to what was said before, but the reality is this:

You are the only one you can count on to achieve your degree. 

However, compared to high school, university mates are a great stimulus for growth and improvement.

Having the right people close to you in college allows you to get handouts, notes, study materials, advice, and emotional and very high support.

You remain the architect of your destiny but, next to you, other people can help you and you can help them. You can even help them by recommending online student services where people can order essay paper.

Can’t Make the Leap from High School to College? 

High School

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