One of Miley Cyrus’ exes is dishing on the details of their split. 

Cody Simpson, who was with the 29-year-old star for almost a year, has opened up on why they broke up in 2020 after being together for around 10 months. 

The 25-year-old swimmer was asked about their break up, and he candidly revealed the real reason they went their separate ways. He stated:

“It was kind of a mutual decision between us knowing that we were going in different directions in our life. I had just started training at that point. So, my life was changing and I knew I was going to have to move back to Australia to do it properly and professionally and she was just going into her whole new album was gonna be going out on tour. 

It was a fork in the road kind of scenario really.”

Cody went on to say that they had a wonderful time together:

“We were in different places. We had a great amazing year together and everything, we lived together during all the COVID lockdown stuff.”


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