In the conversation of horror games, there’s a tendency to measure a title’s worth in scares. And while fear is an inherent strength of the genre, to entirely base horror games’ worth on that metric would be a disservice to the variety of experiences horror can offer.

Much like PG-13 films fostering a love of genre for the next generation of horror fans, games exploring spooky age-appropriate spaces are equally important. Something that SPOOKWARE from Beeswax Games and DreadXP understands this all too well.

For this week’s episode, Neil and I debut a new episode format called Chopping Block, in which Neil assigns me some spooky HW in an attempt to help me tackle my ever-growing back catalog.  

Surely a selfish endeavor on my part, but Neil was kind enough to indulge my need to play catch up.

And where better to begin Chopping Block than with SPOOKWARE, a game I have been eager to get around to since Neil raved about it on our 2021 GOTY episode. 

And within the opening moments, I understood why this spooky spin on Warioware made his list. Thanks to clever, quirky writing and creatively deranged mini-games, SPOOKWARE does an impeccable job of using the horror genre in a way that appeals to both teens and adults.

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