Is Amber Heard still in the Aquaman sequel?


It’s being reported that the 36-year-old actress is being cut out of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom – and that her role of Mera is going to undergo a recast.


Her role into the sequel was widely speculated upon during her involvement in the six-week long defamation trial brought against her by ex husband Johnny Depp. In the trial, she herself admitted she was unsure if her character would make the final cut of the movie.


Walter Hamada, who is the head of the DC films segment of Warner Bros., said in his testimony that they had previously considered recasting Amber’s role.


Now, news of her apparent recast has made headlines, with sources saying:

“Warner Bros. decided to recast Amber Heard’s role after screentesting the movie. They are going to be doing reshoots with Jason Momoa and Nicole Kidman.”


Shortly after, insiders disclosed an update:

“Amber has not been completely cut from the film. She still has a small role.”


Other sources still insist she will be recast.


However, Amber’s team is shutting down any speculation that she is off of the Aquaman sequel. A spokesperson for the actress stated:

“The rumor mill continues as it has from day one – inaccurate, insensitive, and slightly insane.”


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