The number of Golden Globes voters — but not Hollywood Foreign Press Association members — is more than doubling.

For the first time, the LA-based organization of journalists from non-American outlets is allowing non-members — “recruited from international industry organizations, as well as from active outreach to esteemed foreign film festivals and journalism professionals,” according to an HFPA statement — to help decide Golden Globe nominees and winners.

The move allows the HFPA to claim a larger and considerably more diverse voting pool — in response to some of the concerns raised in a series of pieces by the Los Angeles Times in Feb. 2021 that led to an industry-wide boycott of the HFPA — without having to pay the new voters the same $75,000 that the HFPA intends to pay each of its members in the wake of being acquired by Eldridge Industries and becoming a for-profit organization earlier this year.

Over a hundred new voters are joining the existing 97 active members, bringing the total number of Golden Globes voters to 200.

“After bringing in our largest member class last year with 21 diverse members, it was clear we had to find new opportunities to bring in additional voters to ensure the continued diversification and growth in the voting body,” recently re-elected HFPA president Helen Hoehne said in a statement. “The addition of new non-member voters drawn from international markets gives us the opportunity to more rapidly increase the number of voters, while preserving our international identity and maintaining the commitment to bring in qualified and experienced entertainment journalists.”

According to the HFPA, the new voters are 22.3 percent Latinx, 13.6 percent Black, 11.7 percent Asian, 10.7 percent Middle Eastern and 41.7 percent white, with 58.3 percent self-identifying as ethnically diverse. “These new voters will be subject to a Golden Globe Awards Code of Conduct,” the HFPA statement noted. “Their applications were reviewed and qualified by the Credentials Committee, which is composed of a majority of outside independent journalism and entertainment industry professionals.”

The full breakdown of Golden Globes voters — members and non-members — is now 52 percent female and 51.5 percent racially and ethnically diverse, with 19.5 percent Latinx, 12 percent Asian, 10 percent Black and 10 percent Middle Eastern.

Eldridge Industries has a stake in The Hollywood Reporter, which is owned by Penske Media.

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