Gabrielle Union is baring her soul and opening up about her personal struggles.


The 49-year-old actress took to Instagram on Tuesday (June 7) to share a powerful post about being raped at age 19 and how post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety both affect her daily life.


She began by writing:

“As a rape survivor, I have battled PTSD for 30 years. Living with anxiety and panic attacks all these years has never been easy. There’s times the anxiety is so bad it shrinks my life.”


She went on describe how leaving her home or even “making a left-hand turn at an uncontrolled light” can consume her with “terror.” She also spoke about how her anxiety can turn any anticipation she feels about a fun event – like the Met Gala – into “pure agony.”


Gabrielle encouraged readers to “believe” people the first time they open up about what they are feeling, reminding everyone that people don’t experience anxiety the same, “and that’s OK.” She stated:

“I don’t need you to try to ‘fix’ me. I share this as I hope everyone living with anxiety knows they aren’t alone of ‘being extra.’


I see you, I FEEL you and there is so much love for you. Always. Love and light good people. Be good to each other out there.”


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