There is no shortage of people who have looked at Funko Pops, those little statues based on seemingly endless film to TV show characters or sports and entertainment personalities, and said, “I want one that looks like me.” And there are certainly persons in Hollywood who have tasked their minions into fruitless entreaties to convince the Everett, Washington-based company to make figurines of their likenesses, only to be rebuffed.

Well, dreams do come true, especially at Funko’s Hollywood location. The company announced Tuesday that it is launching Pop! People, a silo of customized figurines that allows customers to create Pop-stylized figures of themselves, their grandma, spouses, bosses, or anyone else they might love (or love to hate). Beginning on Dec. 11, the Funko Headquarters in Everett and Funko Hollywood will have mini Pop factories that will offer thousands of combinations of hair, apparel and other attributes to create the likeness you’re looking for.

According to the company, “The stores will have kiosks that display the pieces, and customers will fill out order forms to make their piece selections. They will then bring their completed order form to the Pop! Factory counter and process the order. As soon as the ‘builder’ is done popping the pieces together, the customer will be contacted to pick up their completed Pop! in a customized box!”

The price is $25 per Pop.

As these are pandemic times, the store has a contingency in case there is a lockdown: Funko Hollywood will have curbside order and pick-up.

Let a more democratic era of Pop culture begin.

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