Universal Monsters has continued their partnership with Epic Games’ Fortnite by hosting the entire animated series of Rick Famuyiwa‘s We Will Be Monsters via its own dedicated virtual theater within Fortnite this past Friday. Don’t worry if you missed it, as all four episodes of the limited series are available right now and have been embedded below!

“The series introduces audiences to The Wolf Man, The Mummy and Frankenstein along with other classic Universal Monsters, reimagined to reflect a diversity of global backgrounds.”

The series features cast members Chemon Theys (Bride of Frankenstein), Jerome Velinsky (Dracula), Joey Vieira (Wolfman), Emmy Saheki (The Mummy), Victory Ndukwe (Frankenstein’s Monster) and Glaston Toft (Van Helsing).

In addition, Fortnite players can also get in on the Universal Monsters cosmetic skins of the reimagined Bride of Frankenstein, the Mummy and Frankenstein’s Monster for a limited time. The skins are back in the Item Shop right now for players to purchase.

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