A former aide to President Donald Trump is launching a new social media platform called Gettr, which he described Thursday as a “marketplace of ideas” that will take on “big tech oligarchs.”

Miller’s first public comments about the site came on a live video stream hosted by Chinese businessman Guo Wengui on Thursday morning.

“Our goal, as you will be seeing very shortly with the new platform, is to really have a marketplace of ideas, a place where you know you can go and express your political beliefs, your personal beliefs, and you are not going to be canceled, you are not going to be de-platformed, you are not going to have some government entity or some big tech entity say you are not allowed to believe that anymore. You are going to talk about what you want to believe in,” Miller said during the broadcast.

“These big tech oligarchs try to dominate and control what people think, it almost reminds me of that George Orwell book 1984,” continued Miller, adding that the tech platforms “are telling you what to think, what to believe, what to buy.”

Officially, Gettr describes itself in the Apple app store as “a non-bias social network for people all over the world.” In its structure and design it looks like Twitter, including little red verification badges for people like Guo and companies like Newsmax. It isn’t immediately clear whether Guo is involved in the app.

Despite the Trump connection, Bloomberg’s Jennifer Jacobs reported that Trump does not plan to join the platform and is still planning to launch his own venture.

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