Machine Gun Kelly just dropped his latest album – and one song in particular has gotten his fans speculating that he and fiancé Megan Fox may have recently gone through something very heartbreaking. 

The last song in Mainstream Sellout is called “Twin Flame.” Listeners noticed a heartbeat sound hidden in the new track which led to speculations on whom the heartbeat may have belonged to. Some said it may have been MGK’s father’s (who passed away) of Megan’s. 

In an Instagram live on Friday, MGK simply said:

“I was actually wondering it anyone would pick up on, so I’m going to plead the Fifth on that one and just let you guys have that to guess what it is. But yeah, it’s a rough one to talk about.”

However, he released a zine with his album containing behind the scenes info about his songs. He wrote this about Twin Flame:

“The second part of this song came almost two years later. Well actually it started as a song called ‘One Day And 10 Weeks.’ Then I made a song called ‘Last November.’ Neither expressed the sadness we experienced from what I will leave private, and I circled back to this song and decided to add on to the story. Our story.”

He ended the note with a drawing of a broken heart.


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