Fans continue to take advantage of Capcom’s laissez-faire attitude towards Resident Evil fan games (in a good way, mind you),  and the latest effort is Lord DeeJay’s Resident Evil: The Arklay Chronicles. This new title can be had for free over at GameJolt, and this time, we get to explore the events of July ’98 surrounding the Arklay Mountains.

Resident Evil: The Arklay Chronicles has you playing as several characters, including Kenneth Sullivan, Richard Aiken, Forest Speyer, Barry Burton and Albert Wesker as you work to uncover the events in the Arklay Mountains that preceded the first Resident Evil game. Currently, this release is only the first chapter, though according to Lord DeeJay, the first chapter features multiple endings and “a lot of surprise”.

The fine folks at Residence of Evil have already done a playthrough of the game, so if you’re curious to see the game in action before you try it yourself, can check out their video below.

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