In the midst of their latest legal issues, Ezra Miller has reportedly deleted their Instagram account.


The Flash star is the subject of a new court filing after they were accused of being a danger to an 18-year-old environmental activist who they met when the young person was 12 and they were 23. The young person’s parents allege that they supplied their child with alcohol, marijuana, and LSD, and have filed an order to keep the actor away from the young person.


This week, it was reported that Ezra’s location is unknown and that the courts haven’t been able to locate them in order to serve the papers.


News outlets have since reported that Ezra posted many memes on their Instagram Stories seemingly in response to the court filing. The memes seem to be taunting the courts for not being able to find them.


One meme read:

“You cannot touch me, I am in another universe.”


Another said:

Message from another dimension.”


Yet another meme featured a vomiting person along with this caption:

“Me remembering how I was nice when I should have said who the f—k do u think you’re talking to.”


The longest post Ezra shared read:

“I am shielded from negative people & their ill intent. My spirit, mind, body, soul + success are not altered by anyone’s envy. I am protected from all negative [illegible] people attempt to throw at me. Subconsciously and consciously. I clear any & all hidden peers who are hidden enemies.”


After these messages were posted, Ezra’s account was reportedly shut down.


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