Looking to spice up your Dying Light 2 play on PC with some mods? Some of the more recent mods released improve the game’s dismemberment system, improve its parkour mechanics, and even add a Nightmare Plus difficulty mode.

Starting things off is ISIKplay’s Improved Dismemberment mod. The modder notes that the “physics and animation” of the zombies has been toned down when compared to the original game. This mod simply increases the chance of zombie limbs flying off when you whack them.

While Dying Light 2 touts its parkour mechanics, Mac Daddy’s Realistic Hardcore Parkour Player Physics mod tweaks it further by adding realistic weight and momentum to the game. This in turn makes parkour and combat more challenging, and according to the modder, will not break your immersion with “floatness and crazy movesets”.

Lastly, there’s URMarty’s Nightmare Plus mod, which touts itself as “not for the faint of heart”. It’s also still being worked on, but so far does things like having Volatiles spawn starting from level 1 chase, tweaks upgrade prices and crafting requirements, gives the AI a big boost in terms of the mobs that you’ll encounter, removes the auto adjustable difficulty script, health and inventory tweaks and more.

There are of course plenty of other Dying Light 2 mods available on Nexus Mods that do everything from tweaking the weather, allow you to repair your gear from scrap and more.

Dying Light 2 (which we reviewed here) is out now on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series. The Nintendo Switch version is expected later this year.

Thanks to DSOGaming for the round up.

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