EA Motive have taken to Twitter to tease their upcoming developer livestream update on their work for the Dead Space remake. From the sounds of things (sorry), we can expect the livestream to focus on the sound design, and the efforts the team is making to sonically bring Dead Space and the Ishimura to life.

The livestream (which you can catch on YouTube) is set for March 11 (aka this Friday) at 10am PT / 1pm ET. Other than stating that the livestream is part of a “series of early looks at development and what goes into the remake“, neither EA or Motive have elaborated on just what the update will entail. As mentioned, the only clue we have is the Twitter post.

The previous update last August had EA showing off the Dead Space remake’s graphics and gameplay, including the new system that allows players to “peel” off flesh from Necromorphs to expose the gooey guts underneath. The update also confirmed Gunner Wright would be returning to voice Isaac.

Dead Space is currently in development for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC.


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