We’re living in a golden age for video game adaptations of horror franchises, with recent Friday the 13th, Predator and Alien games paving the way for upcoming games based on The Evil Dead and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. It would seem that all franchises are up for grabs on the video game front at this point, and that could end up including Phantasm.

That is, if the franchise’s creator has any say in the matter…

Don Coscarelli, who wrote and directed the original Phantasm and returned to direct three sequels, has taken to Twitter to publicly declare that he wants a Phantasm video game!

Coscarelli tweets, “The most common question I get about PHANTASM is….. WHEN WILL THERE BE A VIDEO GAME? What better time than NOW. To all my friends in the video game industry. DMs are open. To all the PHANS reply to this thread and tag who would do it justice.”

In other words, if you’re a video game developer who happens to be a huge fan of the Phantasm franchise, you might want to reach out and drop Don Coscarelli a message.

After all, it’s not often that opportunities like this one present themselves!

The original Phantasm was released by Coscarelli in 1979, centered on a teenage boy and his friends who face off against a mysterious grave robber known as the Tall Man. The late Angus Scrimm played the iconic horror movie villain in Coscarelli’s original classic and all four sequels, with the franchise coming to an end – for now, at least – with 2016’s Phantasm: Ravager.

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