Disney released more details about its Star Wars-themed hotel Wednesday, including a trailer and an out-of-this-world price breakdown.

Here’s a look inside the company’s Galactic Starcruiser, a two-night immersive experience at Walt Disney World that’s billed as “part live immersive theater, part themed environment, part culinary extravaganza, part real-life role-playing game”:

The lowest announced pricing tier is $4,809 for two guests. That includes a standard cabin, food and drink (except alcohol, which is extra) and an experience that features activities such as lightsaber training, bridge crew training and a planet excursion to Batuu (aka the Galaxy’s Edge park). A family of four can expect to pay a minimum of $5,999.

There are no prices yet listed for the hotel’s upgraded rooms, dubbed the Galaxy Chess Suite — which includes two windows, instead of one, looking out into “space” — and the Grand Captain Suite (three space windows!), but one assumes those prices are most impressive. There are other add-ons, too, such as Captain’s Table seating rather than eating at communal tables in the “Crown of Corellia Dining Room.”

Disney also launched a rather helpful FAQ that attempts to answer further guest questions, such as: “Is Star Wars: Galactic Starcrusier a hotel?” (It’s “much more than a hotel,” the company insists). “What is the wristband that guests have to wear at all times?” (It helps make the space-magic happen and almost certainly doesn’t collect a bunch of data on you to be monetized forever). “Is there a swimming pool?” (Nope, Disney made a $6,000-per-visit hotel without so much as a hot tub). “Can you stay for less than two nights?” (What are you, broke or something? Of course not.) And a favorite from the FAQ: “Does Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser really take passengers into space?”

Star Wars: Galactic Starcrusier launches in spring 2022.

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