For you throwback shooter enthusiasts, Trigger Happy Interactive has finally announced the Early Access release date for their Cyberpunk FPS Turbo Overkill. Turbo Overkill‘s first episode will arrive in Early Access on April 22 on Steam, with the 1.0 release and versions for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, and Xbox One to follow later this year.

The first episode of Turbo Overkill will contain the first eight stages of the game, plus “a host of secret arenas, difficulty modifiers, and other unlockables” for around 5-8 hours of gameplay. The road to the final release will include “a bevy of updates over the coming months”, including new stages, abilities, quality-of-life features, and hardcore challenges.

And as you’ll see from the Early Access trailer, Turbo Overkill‘s frenetic pace and gunplay hearken back to the glory days of mid 90s shooter, complete with ammo, armor and key pickups. There are also plenty of secrets in the game to test veteran FPS players, including tough-as-nails secret levels.

The story for Turbo Overkill puts you in the cybernetic boots of Johnny Turbo, a “half-metal, half-human, half-crazy” cyborg armed with hidden arm rockets and a chainsaw on your lower leg. Johnny returns to his hometown of Paradise and finds its entire population possessed by Syn, a rogue AI. Short on money to outrun his past, Johnny sets out to destroy Syn for the reward money. Unfortunately, he’ll have to take on a bunch of bounty hunters who are also in the hunt for that cash.

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