There are many people that use mobility scooters to get about every day. These scooters will provide those that lack the independence of moving back to get their mobility restored. Increased mobility is something that scooter users have experienced all over the world for many years.

Do You Need One In The Scooters?

People that have difficulty walking around, or perhaps that use a cane or walker can benefit greatly from these machines find out more here.

If you are suffering from oxygen deprivation, or use an oxygen tank, these would also be very helpful. If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis or joint pain, you should consider using one of the scooters.

You Can Pay for Mobility Scooter Easily

Mobility Scooter

If you do want to pay for a mobility scooter, there are a couple of options that you should consider. Insurance is going to help you pay for one, especially if it is signed as a request from your physician as a result of your current disabling condition.

Perhaps you have a physician that does not think that you need one, yet you believe that it would help, you can still contact Easy Pay Mobility directly.

Financing programs will be available to certain people, and you can also find discounts on closeout models and those that are refurbished. If you get a basic unit, you will pay less than £1000. If it is a four-wheel all-terrain vehicle, these will be much more expensive.

How Many Wheels Should It Have?

It depends on the type of mobility scooter that you would find to be the most useful when deciding on those that have two, three, or as many as four wheels.

If you decide to get a two-wheel model, it will look much more like a traditional scooter. These are much faster than the other ones.

Three-wheeled scooters are lightweight and slower, but you can use them on sidewalks and paved roads.

If you are going to get one with four wheels, these are extremely heavy by comparison. They are designed to go across gravel, and unpaved surfaces, and you could also use them inside of public buildings as well.

Scooter Accessories

Most scooters are going to be hand-operated which will allow you to turn it, move it forward, and even go backward.

In certain circumstances, you can bring these into restaurants, sit at your table, and move through most doorways inside public buildings and homes. Most of the mobility scooters that are designed today are no more than 24 inches wide.

There are certain accessories that you may want to consider buying along with your scooter to make it easier on you.

Accessories to consider for mobility scooters:

  • Ramps of different sizes
  • A plastic cover
  • Saddlebags
  • An oxygen tank carrier if you need one
  • A scooter lift for vehicles
  • A safety package that will include side mirrors, turn signals, and even a horn plus lights
  • walker, crutch, or cane holder
  • Scooter coach
  • Flag
  • Home or car charger
  • Multiple batteries

Try One Before You Buy One

It is possible for you to purchase a mobility scooter. However, if there is one in your area, it is highly recommended that you take one for a test drive that is available at your local distributor.

What to consider before purchasing a mobility scooter:

  • Is the seat going to be comfortable?
  • Is it easy to drive and make turns while using it?
  • Can you adjust the seat?
  • Will there be enough legroom for you?
  • Will it take long to charge the battery?
  • How fast is it capable of going?
  • What is the maximum weight limit on the scooter?
  • Can you bring this on an airline?
  • Can you transport this easily such as putting it into a vehicle?
  • What is the maximum weight of the main portion of the scooter?
  • What type of services are offered to fix problems?
  • These are questions that need to be presented to those that are selling scooters so that you can make sure that, especially if it is a discontinued or clearance model scooter, you can still get the help that will be needed.

If you are getting this for a loved one, or perhaps a friend, you may want to make sure that it is something that they can use. While speaking to those that are in need of a scooter, find out if they will need to transport it using some type of scooter left or even a trailer hitch if they are going to bring it behind their vehicle.

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