If Channing Tatum’s character looked quite familiar to you at some point in Lost City, you’d be right to feel that familiarity! As it turns out, Channing’s ‘cover model’ look was intentionally made to be like an iconic movie character brought to life by a very iconic movie star: Brad Pitt. 

In a recent appearance on The Ellen Show, Channing revealed that how he looked on the cover of the books written by Sandra Bullock’s character in the film was crafted to be like Brad on Legends Of The Fall. And that very specific look was requested by Channing himself. 

The actor said about his ‘cover model’ look:

“I gave a note. I have to wear a wig for my cover model sort of look, Dash’s look, and I said, ‘I just want to look like Legends Of The Fall Brad Pitt.’”

He went on to say that he really wanted to look as much like Brad on Legends as possible, with the long flowing hair and all:

“[I said} ‘Could you pleas just make me that? Make me as close to that as you can possible make me.”

Fun fact: Brad makes an awesome cameo appearance on Lost City!

Channing also spoke about getting to work with Sandra and Brad, saying:

“I can’t believe I got to work with either one of them. I met [Brad] once. I’ve ridden motorcycles with him. And again, it’s the same situation, he’s everything you want him to be. I think people just don’t know how funny he is. I think he’s done comedies but nothing this broad.”

And he expressed how much love he has for their film, sweetly declaring:

“This movie, I love it so much because they don’t make movies like this anymore. It’s Romancing the Stone, it’s more broad. I’m probably more broad in this movie than maybe even in [21] Jump Street.

We had so much fun on it. I hope people like it so we can hopefully make another one.”


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