On Thursday Feb. 10, the Casting Society of America (also known as the CSA) has announced a new name — Casting Society — and unveiled a new logo. 

The announcement comes from the organization’s president, Kim Williams, in the wake of the group’s enormous growth in recent years: To date, almost 1,200 casting professionals are members, with about a quarter of those operating outside of the United States. Those international participants are based in continents as varied as Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa.

The American Society of Casting Directors, as it was initially christened, was formed in 1982 by Mike Fenton, Al Onorato and Joe Reich. As the group celebrates its 40th anniversary, a focus on international outreach feels necessary, and thus, the removal of “America” from the group’s title.

“By removing America from our name, we are embracing how CSA has grown exponentially and globally in recent years,” Williams explained in a statement. “The acronym CSA will stay the same, as it is a trusted and well-known moniker used by casting directors across the entertainment spectrum, from film, television, theater, short films and commercials.”

Per a press statement, the group’s purpose is “establishing a recognized standard of professionalism in the casting field and providing its members with a support organization to further their goals and protect their common interests.”

In recent years, casting has gained more recognition as a specialized area in the awards conversation. Two years ago, BAFTA became the first major ceremony to announce a casting prize (past winners include Joker and Rocks, while this year’s nominees are Boiling Point, Dune, The Hand of God, King Richard and West Side Story). Since then, the Australian Academy has followed suit with their own casting prize — last year’s winner was High Ground.

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