If you missed out on this Resident Evil 2 remake Licker bust, Capcom and Numskull have teamed up for a statue of their own that should be easier on your wallet. Numskull have announced pre-orders are now open for their new limited edition 6.5″ (16.5cm) replica of the iconic Licker from Resident Evil 2.

Designed and manufactured by Numskull Designs in conjunction with Capcom, the statue is hand-painted, and features the Licker on a slab of concrete with an impossibly-fat tongue extended and ready to strike. Best of all, the statue will only set you back $99.99 USD.

And if you’re keen on picking up a companion piece, Numskull also has a limited edition statue available for Resident Evil‘s Tyrant. This one stands 11″, and features the same hand-painted quality as the Licker. The Tyrant is also five bucks cheaper at $95.99 USD.

Admittedly, neither statue is as impressive as that Licker bust, but at least you won’t be going broke from buying these. You’d better hurry though, as both statues are “limited edition” for a reason.


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