Camila Cabello is opening up about heartbreak — and how she’s dancing the pain away and celebrating with new music!

In a new interview with ET, the “Havana” singer talked about her upcoming new album Familia, which will be her first album since she broke up with fellow singer Shawn Mendes. 

She spoke about her latest single “Bam Bam” featuring Ed Sheeran, and how the track deals with coping with heartbreak:

“I started writing this song with my collaborators a few months back and we had this chorus idea about what it’s been like in my late teens and early 20s falling in and out of love and ups and downs of that.

Also reminding myself, as my mom has told me many times, ‘That’s life.’ You’re on the ground crying on the bathroom floor and then you’ll have feelings for another person again, and you’ll be crying on the bathroom floor again. And that is the cycle of change. Things just change, you never know what’s around the corner.”

Camila shared that the recording process for her new album, due out on April 8, was very “cathartic” for her because she was able to just express what was on her heart through singing:

“For me, my process is really cathartic. It’s me kind of singing anything that I think about and feel into a microphone. I do like seven takes of that. I do that for like 25 minutes, and then me and my collaborators talk about it. Then we are like, ‘Oh, you said this, that was really cool.’ We brainstorm, we fill it in and then that becomes a song.

I feel like a lot of people have told me, ‘This feels different than your other albums.’ That it feels more grounded. It feels more honest … there was no barrier of pressure, of anxiety. It was very unfiltered.

Like it was literally what I was feeling that day. And I think that comes through in the music.”

She also shared how she has been able to navigate the ups and downs:

“As I get older, I find more and more resources, so for example, meditation and talking to a therapist. Also talking to my friends, like literally just being like, ‘Guys, I’m feeling like this. And this is fear, and I’m feeling sad about this.’ Really being open with people. Going for walks. I feel like that’s kind of the key to getting older.

Those feelings are gonna come and I think you just gather more and more tools to kind of cope with them in a healthy way.”

Her ex, Shawn Mendes, has likewise been very open about how his music has helped him heal emotionally following their split. 

In a new appearance on On Air With Ryan Seacrest, the 23-year-old musician said that he and Camila have remained close friends. He reflected on their break up, stating:

“In a lot of ways, a breakup can be a blessing. Because it can show you that you are [strong enough to deal with it], which is necessary.”

Shawn revealed that he would always love his ex, sweetly saying:

“I mean, I’ve loved Camila for so many years, and that’s never gonna change.”

Like Camila, he shared that it is “cathartic for me to write about these things” and to delve deep into his pain and heartbreak through the lens of his music. 

He also said in a recent interview that his new music has been helping him to move forward:

“I think, in a lot of ways, it was just me kind of processing what it feels like to be on my own again, and processing what it feels like to learn how to cope and be there for myself.

Sharing music and sharing vulnerable lyrics has always been important to me, because potentially there’s someone who’s going through the exact same thing. I think that it’s kind of creating a world where somebody can feel related to and less alone.”


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