A number of actors, writers and directors are making a commitment to on-set sustainability and joining an initiative to get Hollywood paperless by 2030.

Bradley Whitford, Rachel Bloom, Travon Free, Gloria Calderón Kellett, Stephen Fry, John Cameron Mitchell, Kelly McCreary, Kirsten Vangsness, Rob Morrow and directors Michael Morris, Lauren Wolkstein and Pete Chatmon are among those who have teamed with Scriptation, a digital script app that allows for notes, revisions and sharing pages with cast and crew in place of the use of traditional print scripts.

The company notes that over a single season of production, one TV show can use over one million sheets of paper, leading to hundreds of millions of sheets wasted annually. But as of 2021, Scriptation has been used to markup over 225,000 scripts, saving more than 11,200,000 sheets of paper. Now it is forming coalition ScriptationNation with a number of Hollywood talent to continue its sustainable mission and expand its reach to more productions.

“It’s very easy to make notes in scripts and have those notes transfer script to script without having to rewrite everything. Saves paper, it’s green, it’s awesome,” says One Day at a Time co-creator Calderón Kellett.

Adds Insecure and Flight Attendant director Chatmon, “If Scriptation did nothing else but transfer my notes from script revision to script revision it’d be invaluable. The fact that I can add floor plans, photos, audio notes, and draw blocking diagrams in my script means that all I need on set these days is my iPad. I’ve gone paperless and become more efficient in one fell swoop.”

And, says Fry, it’s not only good for the production and the planet, but for the performances as well.

“I think most actors if they knew about it would fall on it like a lion on an antelope,” he says. “The relationship you have with your lines, your sides, your script, is very personal, but being able to highlight speeches, produce your own sides and generally shape and order your script each day, the way that most makes one feel that the words are one’s own … well, it’s invaluable.”

Scriptation has been used on sets including Bridgerton, Saturday Night Live, Billions and The Walking Dead, and led to environmental savings of one million pounds of greenhouse gases, 1.2 million gallons of water, 65,000 pounds of solid waste and 225 tons of wood.

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