If you’re up for something weird when it comes to your horror games, you couldn’t find something much weirder than Golden Light. This “meaty” horror roguelike FPS from developer Mr. Pink and publisher HypeTrain Digital recently left Early Access on Steam, and is available now with a 30% discount until March 18.

A mixture of horror, comedy, and just plain weirdness, Golden Light is a first-person shooter where you must descend into the Gut, a nightmarish world of flesh and bone, in order to save your loved one. It only gets stranger from there, as you eat your weapons such as “Bat Head, Corrupted Fetus, Fish Head, Fat Lips, Meat Apple” and more, while questioning just what the hell is going on.

Adding to the bizarreness are the procedural levels and the mash-up of chunky throwback graphics, which harken back to early PC games with their polygons and pixelated textures. Oh, and the game features online Co-op or Versus modes, in case you were needing to experience the game with a friend.

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