President-elect Joe Biden has filled out his communications department with veterans of his presidential campaign and the Obama administration.

TJ Ducklo, who had been press secretary for the campaign, will be the deputy press secretary in the White House; former Obama White House communications director Jen Psaki will be press secretary. Ducklo joined the campaign from MSNBC, where he worked in its press shop.

Adam Schultz will be the chief official White House photographer, after serving as the campaign’s official photographer. Drew Heskett will be the presidential videographer, while Lawrence Jackson will be the photographer for the vice president.

Where the Obama White House leveraged its photographer Pete Souza to great effect, showcasing the behind-the-scenes machinations of government, the Trump White House largely used its chief photog Shealah Craighead for posed group shots, often with the president flashing the thumbs-up sign.

If Schultz’s photos of Biden from the campaign are any indication, the new administration will be returning to the Souza model of candid, largely unfiltered photography.

Elsewhere, former Obama chief strategist Anita Dunn will become a senior adviser to Biden, focusing on messaging and strategy, and Matthew Hill will become senior associate communications director.

Seth Schuster, Ike Hajinazarian and Rykia Dorsey Craig will be regional communications directors, with Terry Moynihan and Todd Zubatkin joining as deputy directors for research.

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