So, you think you’ve seen everything there is to do with zombies in video games? D3 Publisher has other ideas with their upcoming Ed-0: Zombie Uprising. Developed by Lancarase, the roguelike action title is set to launch on Steam Early Access on April 4.

Per Gematsu (and Famitsu Weekly), Ed-0: Zombie Uprising takes place during the final years of Edo era in Japan, where a zombie industrial revolution has broken out, with the walking dead having spread across 90 percent of the world’s regions. Thanks to Japan’s isolationist policies, they’ve managed to avoid that. However, that ended with the arrival of the “Black Ships” and a zombie army led by Commodore Perry. It’s up to you to defend the country and its inhabitants.

Zombie Uprising‘s gameplay will consist of players controlling one of three characters (known as “Zombeauties”) as you set out to exterminate the zombie armies attacking various areas. Only beings known as “Zombeauties” can defeat zombies. Touted as a “one-in-a-lifetime roguelike 3D action game”, Zombie Uprising will have you venturing into a randomized dungeon filled with enemies. Whether you clear a dungeon or die, you will return to level 1, but there will also be a form of character development that you can build up.

As is typical with D3 Publisher’s games, there appears to be an element of over-the-top B-Movie cheese with this one, so if you’re in the market for that with your bloody action, keep an eye out as development continues.

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