Twenty years after the Sept. 11 attacks resulted in the death of nearly 3,000 people, entertainment, media and political figures are marking the day with reflections, remembrances and tributes across social media.

Various posts to Twitter and Instagram on Saturday commemorate 9/11 victims and first responders. Messages offer condolences to those who lost loved ones and weigh in on how the event changed both New York City and America forever. In addition to the messages, many posts featured images of the 9/11 Memorial as well as the two beams of light  — which consist of 88 actual light beams — that rise from the Lower Manhattan memorial each September.

Current president Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama both shared messages in remembrance of that day, with Biden tweeting, “Twenty years ago, nearly 3,000 lives were cut short by an unspeakable act of cowardice and hatred on 9/11. As a nation, we must never forget those we lost during one of the darkest moments in our history and the enduring pain of their families and loved ones.”

Obama’s statement was lengthier, acknowledging “the heroes who have always run towards danger to do what’s right” before continuing, “9/11 reminded us of how so many Americans give of themselves in extraordinary ways — not just in moments of great crisis, but every single day. Let’s never forget that and let’s never take them for granted.”

Actor Mark Wahlberg shared an image of the 9/11 memorial at night, writing, “20 years ago but feels like yesterday. We are all forever changed. Thinking of those who are gone and their loved ones missing them now and always.”

On Twitter, Arnold Schwarzenegger expressed that the attackers “tried their best to divide us, and they failed” before writing that while the Towers fell, “in a testament to them, we rose together.” “Today we mourn the victims and honor the heroes of a day that darkened our skies broke our hearts 20 years ago. We found our way to the light and mended our hearts through our unity,” he wrote.

Will & Grace star Debra Messing reflected on the “horror and pain” of that day. “20 years ago our great city, our country was attacked. Hate took almost 3,000 of our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins, friends, loved ones. The horror and pain is alive every day, but particularly today. It’s nearly impossible to believe it has been 20 years. Please keep all who lost someone that terrible day, in your hearts and prayers.

Frozen voice actor and Broadway star Josh Gad tweeted about the surrealness of the day twenty years ago and the continued mourning for those who died. “It never stops being surreal. It never stops being painful. It never stops being a reminder to live every day like it’s your last and celebrate the beauty of life,” he said. “Today I mourn all those lost and honor all those who risked their lives to save one life at a time.”

Actress Kate Hudson wrote on Intsagram, “It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since this devastating event in our history. Being in the city right now brings back so many memories. Everyone remembers where they were: when they got the call or seeing it on the news. Those of us who were living in New York saw a different city. A city in mourning yet together. Working together, supporting each other no matter what their beliefs, politics or economics.”

She continued, “Those who lived downtown experienced such sadness from their local fire departments and police departments losing so many comrades. It was confusing and sad but New York showed up in its greatest form as it always does to help everyone get through it. To all of the families remembering their loved ones today, I share with you my love and condolences.”

Journalist Katie Couric shared footage on her Instagram of her time reporting on the attacks as co-host of Today. “September 11th, 2001. 8:46 AM. I have never felt a greater sense of responsibility as I did that day,” she wrote in the caption. “Today I’m remembering those we lost on 9/11, and keeping those they loved and who loved them in my heart. What do you remember from that day? I will.”

Former evening news anchor Dan Rather tweeted, “20 years… Yes, it is a long time, but also an instant in the history of our species. Our duty, when we have life, is to remember the past, learn from it, honor it, but use it to reimagine the future.”

Former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly remembered the experience of watching the towers fall while completing NASA training on a ship in the Black Sea.”20 years ago today I was on a Russian Navy ship in the Black Sea for NASA training. The visceral images of the towers falling are as real today as they were then,” he wrote.

The Sesame Street Twitter account also shared an emotional message that focused on the resilience and hope found in New York City following the tragedy. “20 years ago, the city we love showed us its resilience, strength, and hope. To everyone affected on that day or in its aftermath, wherever you are, we are here for you.”

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