House of Hammer is receiving some blowback. 

One of the women who had previously spoken out with allegations against Armie Hammer is now voicing out her thoughts on the new docu-series about the actor and his family. 

The docs-series explored allegations that Armie sent text messages which had to do with cannibalism and other graphic topics to various women. The trailer for the doc included a handwritten note that Armie allegedly wrote. 

Armie has not broken his silence on the documentary at this time. He has also not yet confirmed if he indeed sent those messages. 

Effie, the woman who is behind the infamous “House of Effie” account on social media, was among the first people to speak out about Armie’s alleged actions and behavior. She was apparently asked to participate in the Discovery+ series. However, she declined the request. 

It is not being reported by The Los Angeles Times that after they reached out to Effie to participate in the doc, Effie responded with this statement:

“It is extremely inappropriate of you to exploit such a tragic, vulnerable time in many people’s lives, with no regard whatsoever for our healing process and privacy.”

Her experiences are still included in House of Hammer through the screenshots she posted on hr social media accounts. He lawyer Gloria Allred likewise participated in it, though Effie has said that she was not aware Gloria participated. 

The Times asked Effie to be interviewed. She declined, but she provided this statement:

“The way they’ve been exploring my trauma is disgusting. When I keep screaming ‘no’ and they keep going, saying they don’t need my permission, they remind me of Armie.”

House of Hammer filmmaker Julian Hobbs has responded to Effie, stating:

“[Effie]‘s been vocal that she thinks that making any form of media out of these events is somewhat problematic. As filmmakers, we don’t take that view. We feel we actually have an obligation to tell the stories. If you were to stop making films because someone said they didn’t want a film being made, you would never make a film … 

That being said, I think what you have to be is ethically on the right side of how the affairs are conducted. You have to be open and transparent about what’s going on with the film, and you have to be inclusive.”


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