Ariana Grande is supporting her man.

Ariana Grande, the powerhouse singer and Wicked actress, showed up in style to stand by her man, Ethan Slater, at the opening night of his Broadway musical Spamalot. Talk about relationship goals, right?

On Thursday night, the 30-year-old songstress graced the St. James Theatre in New York City, rocking a sleek black dress paired with a matching overcoat. Classic Ariana, looking effortlessly chic and supporting her beau like a boss.

Now, let’s shine the spotlight on Ethan! This talented guy isn’t just taking on one role in the revival of the Tony-winning musical Spamalot; he’s tackling a bunch, including Prince Herbert and Not Dead Fred. And he’s not doing it alone! On the red carpet, he was joined by a stellar cast that includes James Monroe Iglehart, Leslie Rodriguez Kritzer, Christopher Fitzgerald, Jimmy Smagula, Nik Walker, Taran Killam, and Michael Urie. Talk about an all-star lineup!

But here’s the sweet part – Ariana Grande isn’t a newcomer to this show. Nope, she’s been Ethan’s biggest cheerleader from day one! She’s been spotted at several Spamalot performances, showing unwavering support for her beau. In fact, she even graced the first preview on Halloween night. Now that’s what you call dedication!

And here’s a little fun fact for you: Ariana and Ethan actually crossed paths on the set of the Wicked films. It’s heartwarming to see Ariana Grande, this mega-star with a hectic schedule of her own, taking time out to be there for Ethan, her special someone. Her consistent support at his Spamalot performances speaks volumes about their relationship.

The paparazzi couldn’t get enough of Ariana’s arrival at the St. James Theatre, and who can blame them? She effortlessly steals the show wherever she goes. But more importantly, she stole the show that night as Ethan Slater’s biggest fan.

Ariana definitely stands by her man, and she ain’t afraid to show it. With each public appearance together, they give us a peek into their supportive, loving partnership.


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