Andrea Riseborough is directly addressing her controversial Oscar nomination for the very first time. 

The 41-year-old To Leslie was nominated for Best Actress for her performance in the film. This unexpected nod sparked a major debate over the validity of her nomination. 

The Academy did conduct an investigation. Ultimately, they agreed to retain the nomination given to the actress. 

Now, Andrea has broken her silence on the whole controversy. 

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Andrea admittedly that her Best Actress nomination caught her by surprise. She added that the backlash she received because of it caught her by surprise as well. She stated:

“I think once I have time to process everything, I might understand it a bit better.”

Andrea went on to say about the debacle:

“It’s been confusing, and it’s wonderful the film’s getting seen. I suppose its a really bright ray of light. When any of us engage in anything, we want for that piece of work to be absorbed in some way. You can control how people absorb it.

Awards campaigning is as acerbically exclusive as it has always been. I do not yet know which measures will best encourage meritocracy. I’ve been working toward discovering them and will continue to.”

She declared that what happened to her kicked off a “necessary” conversation:

“The film industry is abhorrently unequal in terms of opportunity. I’m mindful not to speak for the experience of other people because they are better placed to speak, and I want to listen. I am grateful for the conversation because it must be had. It has deeply impacted me.”


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