Amazon’s Prime Video announced a new comedy series inspired by a real-life maple syrup heist.

Titled The Sticky, the project is being produced through the company’s Canadian originals division and is based on a 2011 robbery of more than $18 million Canadian dollars of Quebec’s national maple syrup reserves (which represent more than 70 percent of the global maple syrup supply).

The series is from Brian Donovan and Ed Herro (Little Darlings, pictured above), who wrote the pilot script and will executive produce and co-showrun alongside Canadian co-showrunner/executive producer and Kathryn Borel (Anne with an E, pictured below). Jonathan Levine (Nine Perfect Strangers) will direct and executive produce.

“This story, about an unassuming band of renegades who managed to pull off perhaps the largest heist in Canadian history, caught our attention immediately,” the showrunners said in a statement. “The characters, stakes—all were ripe for tapping (pun intended) for our fictional story. We’re thrilled that we have world-class partners on board to bring our vision for The Sticky to life.”

The Fargo-ish story centers on Ruth Clarke, “a tough, supremely competent middle-aged Canadian maple syrup farmer who’s had it with being hemmed in by the polite, bureaucratic conventions native to her country’s identity. Especially now that that very bureaucracy is threatening to take away everything she loves: Her farm, her comatose husband, and her right to manifest destiny. With the help of Remy Bouchard, a pint-sized local blockhead and an aging Mike Byrne, a low-level mobster, Ruth changes her fate—and transforms the future of her community with the theft of millions of dollars’ worth of maple syrup.”


“When we read Ed and Brian’s pilot, not only was the story so strange and delightful, the whole genesis of their series came from an older woman whose life is being ruined by bureaucratic men and her deciding to finally stop taking their shit,” added producers Jamie Lee Curtis and Russell Goldman. “It’s the beginning of a crime story that will make for funny and riveting television.”

The Sticky is produced by Blumhouse Television, Megamix, Comet Pictures and Canadian producers Sphere Media with executive producers Brian Donovan and Herro; Jonathan Levine and Gillian Bohrer; Curtis; Josée Vallée and Bruno Dubé; Jason Blum, Chris McCumber, Jeremy Gold.

The show will launch on Prime Video in 240 territories.

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