Alyssa Milano says her uncle Mitch Carp is “doing well” but may need surgery following a car accident in August that required her to help save his life.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight on Friday, Milano shared an update on the status of her uncle’s health after the two were in an Aug. 17 car accident while on the West Los Angeles Highway. Carp, who had a heart attack while driving, is on the road to recovery though he “probably needs open heart surgery,” the actress said.

“He’s doing well. I mean, he has a long road of recovery,” she told ET. “He’s out of the hospital, he’s home, he has care, and they’re trying to build up his strength to get open heart surgery. So that’s kind of where we are now.”

The accident occurred along the I-405 freeway as the duo was going to a doctor’s appointment for Milano. The Insatiable star was in the passenger seat of their SUV, with Carp in the driver’s seat, before he experienced what was at the time an unknown medical emergency. The actress confirmed the incident on Twitter and expressed that she was “grateful to the people who stopped to help” after the crash.

Milano says that her uncle is now feeling well enough that, “He came to my son’s baseball game the other day. I looked over, and there was uncle Mitch sitting in the stands. That was really amazing.”

According to a TikTok update provided by the actress about a week after the crash, Carp had previously been on life support. “Uncle Mitch is still in and out of consciousness,” she said at the time. “He is on life support. My brother went there yesterday and played him some ‘oldies,’ and his whole body started moving, so he really loved that.”

During Carp’s heart attack, the SUV he was driving drifted into another lane, colliding with a passing vehicle that fled the scene before “a good Samaritan” could assist with bringing the SUV Carp and Milano were in to a stop. Units from both the Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles Fire Department arrived on the scene and performed CPR on Carp before being transported to UCLA Westwood Hospital. Milano was uninjured.

She said that since the accident, she’s “been really good throughout this whole thing” but isn’t so sure she would have been able to “get through that” same experience years ago. 

“If you would’ve told me years ago, ‘You’re gonna get into a really bad accident. You’re gonna have to save this person’s life, and it’s gonna be really scary.’ I would’ve told you, I don’t know if I could get through that,” she said. “But it’s true what they say about having this superhuman strength when it comes when you need it, and this fight or flight thing that I was definitely in for a few days after too.”

The Charmed actress explained that she feels like she “handled it the best that I can,” especially as someone that’s been “super anxious pretty much my [whole] life.”

“It was scary. Accidents are scary, and it makes you just realize how fragile life is,” she said.

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