In a wide-ranging video for Vogue’s “73 Questions With Adele,” Adele revealed if she will ever tour again, the advice John Mayer gave after her vocal surgery, details from the moment she broke her Grammy for Beyoncé and a prized possession from Céline Dion. 

During the 18-minute video released Thursday, Adele revealed that her most prized possession was gifted by The Late Late Show host and friend James Corden — however, the answer proved to be a surprise. When asked about the item, the “Easy on Me” singer playfully said, “It’s pretty amazing,” before handing the interviewer a framed photo labeled “Céline Dion’s gum.”

She explained, “James Corden, who’s a friend of mine, also does Carpool Karaoke, which I did. He did it with [Dion] and knew how much of a fan of her I was. So he made her spit her gum into a piece of paper and he framed it for me. It’s my proudest possession.”

The singer, who is about to release her new album 30 in November, also addressed when fans can expect to see her perform live: “As soon as possible. I’m ready to go, really. It’s just up to COVID. So just keep on wearing your masks and don’t be spreading that delta and who knows.”

Adele later spoke about the guidance she received from Mayer after having an operation in 2011 to repair a hemorrhaged vocal cord. Adele said that Mayer, who also had a throat-related surgery around that time, reached out to her: “He was just sort of very encouraging to stay silent and be patient.” She explained, “Actually, my injury was a very common singer’s injury. So, [he said] not to worry too much about it. He was great. He’s such a sweetheart. I like him so much.”

Speaking about the procedure and how it affected her vocals, Adele admitted she was “definitely heading toward a Tom Waits sound before my surgery, getting very, very husky. Afterward, it was a brand-new voice. It was so clean and pure.” 

The singer went through another short-lived tone change when she was pregnant with her son Angelo, who is now 9. During her pregnancy, Adele recorded the theme song for the James Bond film Skyfall. She shared, “It’s the only song that I recorded while I was pregnant with him. So my voice was a lot lower, and he also hated it when I was singing the high notes. He’d sort of kick around inside of me.” She added that she would like to see Jonathan Majors as the next Bond, but if an American is not allowed to play the iconic role, then Idris Elba should be chosen. 

Later on, Adele addressed her unforgettable Grammy moment in 2017 when she broke her award for best album into two pieces for fellow nominee Beyoncé. “I was just so uncomfortable and nervous up on the stage, trying to give that speech right in front of her,” she recalled. “I just sort of twist it off and [it] fell off in me hand. It felt like fate.”

As a fan of Beyoncé, Adele listed her favorite albums by the singer. After recognizing her choices might be considered “controversial,” she replied, “My personal favorites — my first one is Sasha Fierce, that sublime double album. The second one would be Lemonade. The third one is a bit of a toss-up between two, but, I’m gonna go with my gut and my heart. I’m going to say B’Day.”

Other fun topics addressed in the segment include Adele having to choose between Prince William or Prince Harry, offering her impersonation of Al Pacino and revealing which are her favorite lyrics she has ever written. “They’re all on the new album,” she teased.

Watch the full segment below.

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