Talk about a hole in one. Adam Sandler on Tuesday proved that he can still drive a golf ball like Happy Gilmore to celebrate the namesake comedy classic’s 25th anniversary.

In a brief video posted to Twitter, Sandler wacks a ball perfectly doing Gilmore’s distinctive approach off the tee. “It’s been 25 years since I’ve done this,” says a bearded Sandler. “Let’s see what happens.”

After he nailed the drive — not easy to do with Gilmore’s wind-up — the actor says, “And I am not lying to you: that is smashed. Smashed. That went pretty well.”

Sandler closes his video with “You’re dead, Shooter.” Of course in the 1996 film, Christopher McDonald played Shooter McGavin, the arrogant pro who becomes Happy’s nemesis.

Happy Gilmore was a box office success and a moderate critical success. However, it has since become one of Sandler’s more popular and oft-quoted films, next to Billy Madison and Big Daddy, among others.

Happy Gilmore also starred Julie Bowen as Virginia Venit, the late Frances Bay as Grandma Gilmore and Carl Weathers as fan-favorite Chubbs Peterson, a salty, one-handed former pro golfer who takes Happy under his wing. And of course, there is the classic scene between Happy and Bob Barker in which the two get into a fistfight. The film actually won an MTV Movie Award for best fight for the pair. In his speech, Sandler jokingly thanked his mother for encouraging him to hit Barker.

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