The Academy Awards have sold out … of TV advertising space.

It isn’t much of a surprise, but The Walt Disney Co. says it has sold out all of its ad inventory for Sunday’s Oscars broadcast.

While there are doubts about the potential TV ratings, the Oscars remain one of the most watched (non-NFL) live events on TV, making them a big draw for marketers, many of whom are willing to pay top dollar. Last year’s broadcast averaged 23.6 million viewers.

In particular, the awards show is a popular place to debut new movie trailers for upcoming theatrical releases. And with movie theaters reopening across the country, ABC will roll out a new format for those previews, with the stars of upcoming movies sharing their favorite moviegoing experience before the trailers roll.

“This format reinforces the theme of this year’s show (Bring Your Movie Love) and celebrates the long-awaited return of the in-person moviegoing experience,” the company said in a statement.

Another big change from years past: Many of the nominees are already available to view on streaming services.

Advertisers in the entertainment space include Warner Bros., Apple, Walt Disney Studios, Disney+ and Searchlight. Other advertisers on the show include Google, Rolex, Cadillac, Verizon, Grey Goose, Honda, General Motors, and Airbnb.

“We’re proud of the advancements and flexibility the Academy and our production team are implementing to make this an unforgettable event. We have a star-studded lineup and a unique, in-person show,” said Rita Ferro, president of Disney advertising sales in a statement. “The later date of the event allows consumers even more time to view the nominated films, than in year’s past, in the comfort of their homes. It’s also paved the way for even more activations and enabled us to expand our ad offering for sponsors – across linear, digital and social – pre- and post-show.”

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