Towers for playgrounds are large, exciting pieces of fun equipment suitable for various age groups, created to help to boost outdoor areas where children play. 

If you are thinking about elevating your playground area with this popular equipment type, it’s savvy to get to know more about them, so that you can make the most informed decision about your outdoor space transformation. 

To help you, here’s a quick and handy guide to playground towers: 

What Is A Playground Tower? 

A playground tower is a large piece of equipment that enables a child to climb up into an elevated position, often in different ways. Climbing walls, rope pulls, climbing nets, and ladders are just some examples of the ways kids can access the tower. 

Once they have climbed up and in, there may be tunnels, viewing platforms, climbing tubes, and hideout areas, as well as fun and safe ways to get back down again, usually in the form of slides or fireman’s poles. 

There may also be added areas like swings and climbing ropes attached to the tower. 

In a playground setting, playground towers have been created with maximum safety in mind. All plastic, wood, metal, and other materials have been smoothed and connected safely, the height of the various platforms is age-appropriate, and the risk to children using the tower is in line with the latest safety standards. 

When it comes to the playground tower design, there are endless choices for you to consider. Some are more like treehouses, others are designed to provide multiple activity areas which may be quite compact, or may spread across the playground more like an assault course. Some towers are even themed to look like boats, forts, or other large structures. 

Playground towers are also designed with certain age groups in mind, in accordance with safety guidelines. As a child gets older, their risk management ability, fall tolerance, and physical size change, and this are reflected in different playground tower designs. For example, The Inga, The Sycamore, or The Beech are all suited towards younger age groups with their simple design and lowered height. Double climbing frames and much larger structures like the Zion are then specifically designed for slightly older age groups to enjoy. 

By understanding the different styles and age recommendations for playground towers you can better understand which products are relevant to your needs. 

Why Install A Playground Tower? 

Playground towers are, at the very least, an aesthetically pleasing and visually impactful structure to add to a playground. They encourage a child to engage in their surroundings, to have fun and play, all whilst providing a centerpiece for their outdoor space. 

Playground towers also have many more benefits that run much deeper than the fun and excitement children get from using them, and some of those benefits are: 

Each playground tower is different in the benefits that it presents, but as a general rule the minimum benefit for a child is fun, and the maximum benefits are all of the above and more in one single play session. 

How Do You Get A Playground Tower? 

Playground Tower

If you would love a playground tower installed in your outdoor space, you’ll want to speak to a professional playground equipment company, which has everything necessary to supply and install the perfect product for your needs. 

A full consultation will be needed to talk about the kind of tower you want, where you would like it placed, and when you would like it installed. The playground surface could require preparation such as priming, or resurfacing so that the equipment can be placed safely. Sometimes towers are freestanding though, so it can be as simple as having the tower placed in the right area. 

By selecting a professional playground equipment company, you can have an attractive, high-quality tower installed in your outdoor space to enhance the playtime of any children able to get out and use it. 

You’re One Step Closer To Elevating Your Playground With A Fun & Exciting New Piece Of Equipment

A playground tower is highly beneficial for children, who have tons of fun using it whilst they socialize, learn, grow stronger, and flourish out in nature. If you would like to boost the benefits of your playground with a professional tower, speak to a professional playground equipment company today for high-quality towers and quick, expert installation. 

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