As we all know, X-Men was a long-running franchise for almost 19 years. The release of X-Men: Dark Phoenix in 2019 signals that it is the end of this iconic franchise. The comic itself was released over 50 years ago, which makes it one of the oldest franchises to ever exist.

A total of 9 movies are released under the name of X-Men. With so many actors and films, there are many crazy and unknown facts related to movies.

In this article, we’ve assembled the most interesting facts that can surely help you understand why these movies were famous and a treat for viewers. Also, if you are an amateur fan of X-Men movies, we know you must be looking up X-Men movies in order to watch. So there you have it. Now saddle up for some fun trivia!

1: Kevin Feige filmed a cameo for X-Men:

The President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, once filmed a scene for X-Men as a guest role. In the movie, he was a weapon X tech guy who was pulling Wolverine’s claws out of the oven. Feige started working for Marvel Studios as the associate producer for X-Men. 

In one of the podcasts, Feige said that he only agreed to do that role because he was completely unrecognizable due to the hood, mask, and gloves that he was wearing at that time.

2: The first X-Men script was penned down in 1984:

In the 1980s, when the comic was released and gained a lot of popularity around the world. At that time, Marvel writers Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway wrote down the first screenplay for Orion Pictures. 

The screenplay featured characters like Professor X, Cyclops, Storm, and Wolverine fighting an organization together. However, sadly the script was gotten rid of as the production house had to deal with financial troubles. Don’t you wonder what sort of film would’ve been made with that screenplay?

3: The X-Men was originally named Merry Mutants:

The comic was originally named Merry Mutants but Martin Goodman decided to change the name because readers wouldn’t know the meaning of “mutant”. So instead of Merry Mutants who’d spontaneously dance and sing, the comic was introduced and published as “The X-Men.”

4: Hugh Jackman was not originally cast as Wolverine:

We can’t even imagine someone else playing the character of Wolverine as well as Hugh Jackman and doing it justice. But the fact is that Hugh Jackman was not the first choice of producers for this character. 

Actor Dougray Scott was cast as the Wolverine, but he left the offer because of his other movie. For a time being all was sorted and he was ready to be back on the set of X-Men but then his shoulder was injured so, in the end, the producers had to cast Hugh and the rest is history. 

5: The stunt double was hurt during the fight scene by Hugh Jackman:

While filming a fight scene with Rebecca Romijn’s stunt double, Hugh Jackman accidentally stabbed her in the arm. She got hurt as real metal claws were being used until this scene. The actor was supposed to pretend to stab her arm and she had to move away promptly but she failed to move away in time, resulting in an injury. 

After this incident, fake claws were used throughout the movies.

6: The X-Men: Last Stand was completed only two weeks before the premiere:

X-Men: The Last Stand was made ready for release just two weeks prior to its premiere. That’s because one of the major key scenes in the movie had a fight sequence on The Golden Bridge, which required quite a lot of editing and special effects. As a result, the editing team had to race against time in order to complete it on time, and they managed to do so. The film was released as scheduled on Memorial Day weekend. 

7: Professor X drives the rental wheelchair:

After the completion of the first movie with other props, the wheelchair of Professor X was also auctioned off. But while shooting the second movie, producers decided to rent the wheelchair from its current owner because that would be significantly cheaper than making a new one.

8: James McAvoy had to wear the wig:

When James McAvoy was offered the role of Professor X, he shaved his head ahead of the filming because he was familiar with the fact that Professor X is bald, but it came out as a bad idea. Eventually, the actor had to wear a wig to portray the character. You have to appreciate his dedication to the character, though. 

9: X-Men Origins: Wolverine was leaked out before it was released:

Hollywood production houses heavily emphasize the privacy of movies because it includes the effort and dedication of tons of people. When the unfinished special scene and a clip of 10 minutes of X-Men Origins: Wolverine were leaked online, it caused quite a havoc in the production house because the movie hadn’t even been released in the theatres yet.

10: Jennifer Lawrence quit playing the role of Mystique: 

After being a part of three movies, Jennifer told the producers that she is done with the movies and didn’t want to play Mystique again. The reason she quit playing Mystique is that she had to endure a lot of makeup for portraying the character. 

According to some sources, it took nearly 8 hours to complete her look, but the departure didn’t last long as she resumed the role for an upcoming movie.

11: Micheal and Janet Jackson both wanted to be a part of X-Men:

Many well-known artists wanted to be a part of the movie and came in for an audition, but the most fascinating bit was that the singer duo Michael and Janet Jackson also came in because they wanted to be a part of the movie. Writer David Hayter told the media that Micheal wanted to play Professor X while Janet was asking for the role of the Storm but both of them were not cast in the movie.

12: Wolverine replaced Kitty Pryde:

When the book was adapted, there were many changes done to the movie. Originally in the book, it was Kitty Pryde, who traveled back in time. In the movie, Wolverine replaced her because of the Director’s keen observation that if Kitty were to travel back in time, she will become negative-20-year-old, so they swapped the scene with Wolverine because he was ageless.

13: Anna Paquin’s performance was deleted in the final cut:

Anna Paquin played the character of a rogue, but her performance was cut out in the final release. She didn’t care about it anyway and was happy with the experience only.

14: Oscar Issac hated the promotional poster of Apocalypse:

controversial promotional poster of Apocalypse

Image source:

The first promotional poster of the Apocalypse was controversial as it showed Isaac’s character choking Mystique and it was considered synonymous with promoting casual violence against women. The actor himself was very upset about it because he thought it was misleading and undermined his acting. 

15: Michael Fassbender was not happy with his performance:

Michael Fassbender played the character of young Magneto and the audience loved his part, but the only person who was not happy with the performance was the actor himself. He thought he was not acting, but just was screaming in that scene.


The above-mentioned facts are the most interesting things about one of our favorite movie franchises. If you know more interesting facts about them, give us your opinion in the comment section below.

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